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Celebrating Staffers in Front of City Hall
For the second year in a row, the City of Rancho Cordova has been named a 2014 Digital Cities Survey Winner by e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government. Winners are selected from throughout the nation for initiatives in the areas of citizen engagement, policy, operations, and technology and data.
Photo courtesy of the City of Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova Named Digital City of The Year

Posted: 11/21/2014

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) - For the second year in a row, the City of Rancho Cordova has been named a 2014 Digital Cities Survey Winner by e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government.

The award recognizes Rancho Cordova for its top-10 information technology-related initiatives that engage citizens, save money, and promote an efficient work environment. Rancho Cordova ranked fourth in their category: cities with a population less than 75,000.

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Foster Youth Celebrated at United Way’s Annual Women in Philanthropy Luncheon

Fundraiser Benefits United Way’s Foster Youth Programs

Posted: 11/21/2014

Paige Was Presented at the Event
Paige walks the runway at United Way’s Women in Philanthropy Luncheon after speaking about her experience in foster care.
Photo courtesy of Kristin Thébaud Communications

SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - As 20 foster youth walked the runway at United Way’s 13th Annual Women in Philanthropy Luncheon fashion show, 270 guests cheered and clapped at the teens’ grinning faces. The annual event recently was held at the Arden Fair Mall Center Court and also included a gourmet lunch, drawing prizes, and presentations by local current and former foster youth, some of whom have participated in United Way’s financial stability initiative. United Way’s Women in Philanthropy members also discussed their work with the financial stability initiative’s $en$e-Ability project, supporting financial literacy courses and a matched savings program for foster youth.

United Way’s financial stability initiative is working to make sure local households and foster youth can meet their basic needs and plan for their future. Right now, 30% of households cannot, and the numbers are worse for foster youth. Part of the initiative includes United Way’s $en$e-Ability project that is helping adults and foster youth learn better financial skills. Ninety percent of foster youth in the program also are participating in United Way’s matched savings program. In addition, United Way leads the Assets & Opportunity Network, a group of nonprofits, companies, and volunteers looking at financial stability data in the community and working to increase the number of individuals who are financially thriving, including foster youth.

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Local Filmmakers to Premier

By Margaret Snider
Posted: 11/14/2014

The Cast of 'Incongruity' in Costume
Red Bench Entertainment is producing Incongruity, a film that will premier at Curtis Hall, Sierra 2 Center for the Arts, Sacramento, on December 27th. The entire cast poses in character.
Photo courtesy of Richard McHenry

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA (MPG) - Red Bench Entertainment writer and director Angela Zaniboni calls the film Incongruity, which she wrote and directed, a supernatural drama. The film will premiere at a gala event with the theme The Great Gatsby. The show will be 5-10 p.m. on December 27th at Curtis Hall, Sierra 2 Center for the Arts, Sacramento. The family-friendly event will showcase Red Bench’s work.

“There will be slide shows, videos, movies, projects that we’ve done,” said Cheryl Rubio Barrios, CEO of Red Bench and producer and executive director of the film. “The finale will be (the showing of) Incongruity.”

Appetizers and drinks, socializing and mixing will tie in with the 1920s theme.

“There will be dancing, singing, and even some live acting,” Zaniboni said.

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Ninth Annual Veterans Day Event

Posted: 11/14/2014

Solemn Processional
The City of Rancho Cordova held their 9th annual Veterans Day Celebration on Tuesday, November 11th in the Veterans Memorial Plaza at the Sacramento VA Medical Center.
Photos by Rick Sloan

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) - The City of Rancho Cordova held their 9th annual Veterans Day Celebration on Tuesday, November 11th in the Veterans Memorial Plaza at the Sacramento VA Medical Center. The theme was “Appreciating the USO for Lifting the Spirits of Our Military Forces Past and Present,” and featured Sister Swing performing 30s and 40s jazz, the Rancho Cordova River City Concert Band, and the Vultures Row Formation Team who performed a flyover at the end of the ceremony.

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Supporters Line the Streets to Show Respect for Fallen Sheriff’s Deputy

By Anne Stokes
Posted: 11/7/2014

A Massive Formation of Motorcycle Officers Participated in the Procession
Hundreds of law enforcement officers participated in the funeral procession for fallen Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver on Monday afternoon. Local sheriff, police, fire, and CHP units were on hand to show support, as well as departmental representatives from as far away as Mission Viejo, Butte County, Napa County, and Vacaville.
Photos by Anne Stokes

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA (MPG) - Supporters greeted the funeral procession of fallen Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver Monday afternoon as it traveled from Interstate 80 eastbound, down Greenback Lane. Law enforcement and first-responder agencies from all over California participated in the solemn show of solidarity, coming from as far away as San Luis Obispo, Riverside County, Inyo County, and even Sparks, Nevada. Hundreds of sheriff’s department, police, fire, and California Highway Patrol units accompanied the procession as it departed from the public funeral services held at Adventure Christian Church in Roseville and traveled to the East Lawn Cemetery in Sacramento for the family’s private burial service.

“All of us in the first responder industry, from the police to fire, we all consider each other brothers and sisters,” said Sacramento Metro Fire Department Captain Brad Reynolds. “It’s vitally important that we all share in this and show our support for their family members. As sad as an event as this is to bring us all together, it’s very heartfelt to see this all happen.”

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Janine and Ami Bera on Stage with Supporters
Supported by his wife Janine (left), Congressman Ami Bera delivers encouraging words for supporters at the Carmichael Elks Lodge. By mid-evening, the incumbent’s early polling lead had diminished, and by morning, the election result remained too close to call.

The Pendulum Swings

By Paul V. Scholl, Publisher
Photos by Susan Maxwell Skinner
Posted: 11/7/2014

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - With an overwhelming result nationwide on November 4th, most parts of the country sent notice to Washington that the status quo in leadership simply is not acceptable. The general populace is tired of the lousy economy (do your homework and research the real statistics), a crumbling infrastructure, failing policies, crushing new taxes, and the ongoing overreach of the Federal and State governments.

In the first few days after this election, it will seem like the politicians “heard us,” but we must be diligent and not let them “herd us” any longer. It is well past the time for more real Americans to stand up and live and lead in their everyday lives. Not only by thought, but also by action. We could get far more done working with our neighbors if we could only get government out of our way.

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State of the City coming Nov. 6

Posted: 11/7/2014

If the news doesn’t draw you in, maybe the sweet treats or artwork will do the trick.

The annual Rancho Cordova “State of the City” event is coming Nov. 6, with some desserts from around the world to sweeten the deal.

Organized by the Cordova Community Council, the annual “State of the City” event will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 6  featuring the annual assessment on how the city is doing delivered by Mayor Dan Skoglund.  The free event will be held at Rancho Cordova City Hall.

The formalities will be followed up by a dessert reception, with gourmet desserts from all corners of the globe, celebrating Rancho Cordova’s melting pot citizenry, provided by Koreana Plaza International Marketplace.

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Sacramento Moustache Run

Posted: 11/7/2014

SACRAMENTO REGION, CA (MPG) - Movember is here, and soon the 2nd annual Sacramento Moustache Run will be here to support it by donating part of the profits to the American Cancer Society.

The 5K run will take place on a moustache-shaped course at West Sacramento’s River Walk Park on Saturday, November 8th at 11 a.m. But this is not just an ordinary run; participants are highly encouraged to grow or wear moustaches. There are multiple contests associated with the awesomeness of the moustache and costume. While the moustache-loving participants are running, they will come across two DJs and some Mad Barbers who want to give them a clean shave. No moustaches will actually be harmed at the event, but it makes the run very fun and interactive.

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Freedom Is Not Free

By Paul V. Scholl, Publisher
Posted: 10/31/2014

Ceremony Celebrates Completion of Phase One of Sunrise Boulevard Rehabilitation

Posted: 10/31/2014

Arms and Legs are Not a Luxury

By Linda Harper
Posted: 10/24/2014

Groundbreaking Scheduled for Mather Veterans Village in Rancho Cordova

Posted: 10/24/2014


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