Stellar Media Students Win Education Video Awards

Rancho Cordova, CA (MPG)  |  By Shelly Lembke
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Cordova High’s SEVA finalists and winner, pausing long enough for a group photo (student pictured from left to right are Jason Novik, Daniel Belous, Jessica Sitton, Ashley Todd, Wendy Martinez, Nathan Shelton and Anna Yeghiazaryan. Teachers Josh Creeger and Ryan Scott are pictured in the foreground. -- Photo courtesy of Josh Creeger

Students from Cordova High School (CHS) recently won places at the 2017 Student Education Video Awards (SEVA). The students are enrolled the Cordova High Media Program, according to Science & Media teacher Josh Creeger. In an initial email to the Folsom Cordova Unified School District (FCUSD), Creeger wrote, “Ryan Scott and myself just wanted to share some awesome news with you about some stellar Media Students.”

Creeger, who is also the CHS Director of Activities said, “We have two sections (periods) and two levels, Media 1 and 2. One hundred kids applied for the two sections next year. So it is pretty popular.” Another CHS instructor Ryan Scott, Lead Instructor for the CHS Business Technology Academy, is also actively involved. “If me or Mr. Scott had more room in our schedule, we would open another period. We had to do an interview type process for next year,” commented Creeger.

The competition award ceremony was held at Sac State and typically receives entries from approximately 20 area high schools. This year’s competition was heavy, with more than 500 entries from all around Sacramento. There are five categories: Documentary, News Story, Creative Expression, Public Service Announcement and Instructional. “We were blown away how well our kids did! We had five finalists [from] a top five of anywhere from 30-80 videos and two SEVAs, [the] top award!”

“Mostly it is juniors and seniors and they learn the aspects of film, video editing, sound editing and broadcasting. We run two broadcasts a week with anchors going over announcements and we include news stories the kids make along with other videos they create,” Creeger stated. “From Measure N we got funded to build the room and we have some video cameras and mics the kids use for their videos and we have a whole green-screen news studio we use for the broadcasts.”

Producer Daniel Belous won a SEVA in the Instructional 9-12 category: How to Change a Flat Tire. Producer Anna Yeghiazaryan won a SEVA for her PSA about domestic violence for her video #HeLovesYouNot. Other video finalists from Cordova High included: Documentary: Nathan Shelton and Wendy Martinez: “The True Story of High School”; Instructional: Jessica Sittion: “Everyday Makeup Tutorial”; PSA: Jason Novik: “Please Stop Littering”

“When you see these Lancers,” urged Creeger, “give ‘em a high five!”

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