Rancho Cordova: Fastest Growing City in Sacramento County

Rancho Cordova, CA (MPG)  |  Source: City of Rancho Cordova
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Aerial view of Capital Village in Rancho Cordova. -- Photo Courtesy: Timothy Pantle

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A recent report by the California Department of Finance listed the City of Rancho Cordova as the fastest growing city in Sacramento County last year. In 2016, Rancho Cordova’s population grew by 2.2% from 72,203 to 73,847.

City officials expect the population to continue to grow with families and professionals from diverse backgrounds moving to Rancho Cordova. Hundreds of new homes are being constructed, and with Rio Del Oro and other projects, the City has plans for the construction of thousands of homes for the future. The City of Rancho Cordova also estimates that 20 new schools will be constructed over the next two decades, which officials say is one reason parents, and future parents, are attracted to Rancho Cordova.

Rancho Cordova continues to attract members of the business community with its competitive commercial and industrial property rent prices and progressive, business-friendly environment. In addition to housing, school, and business development, Rancho Cordova City Manager, Cyrus Abhar, says the City’s central location and over 100 events bring residents together to create an inviting community.