NorCal STEM Winners Take Prizes from Global Competition

Sacramento, CA (MPG)  |  Source: California Association of Professional Scientists
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The STEM winners were (L to R) Arya Goutam, from The Nueva School, Teevyah Yuva Raju from Mira Loma High School, and Guadalupe Bernal of Folsom High School.

Three student finalists from the 2017 Sacramento Regional STEM Fair won awards at the Intel Engineering and Science and Engineering Fair that ended May 19th in Los Angeles.

The winners were:

Teevyah Yuva Raju from Mira Loma High School took 4th place in her category of Plant Sciences. Her project looked at how to reverse drought-triggered organic imbalances in soil that harm crops.

Arya Goutam, who attends The Nueva School, won 3rd place in in the Embedded Systems category for developing the hardware and software for a low-cost wearable motion-sensing device that alerts family members via cell phone in the event of a person’s fall.

Guadalupe Bernal of Folsom High School won third place in the Robotics and Intelligent Machines category. She built and programmed an autonomous vehicle that uses computer vision to navigate.

To compete in the global competition, all three students in March won a science, technology, engineering and mathematics competition in Sacramento. That event was sponsored by the NorCal STEM Education Foundation.

The NorCal STEM Education Foundation’s mission is to encourage students to find their passion for and spark their interest in scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical degrees and careers