Stingrays Six Simple Sayings

GOLD RIVER, CA (MPG)  |  By Jan Float
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The Stingrays have had plenty to smile about this year. When you swim fast, you’ve done your best -- and Gold River’s personal-bests are off the chain. Photo by Tom Jones

GOLD RIVER, CA (MPG) - Presenting to you this year’s Gold River Swim Team … (Smiles Courtesy of Six Simple Sayings!) Elitist athletes, looking back at their wonder years, likewise break into massive grins, such is the inspiring warmth of the Six Sayings upon which Stingrays’ Spirit is built.

So what are these indelible words of wisdom? Pre-race parents: “Have fun. Swim fast. I love you.” Flip-turned post-race parents: “Did you have fun? You swam fast. I love you!” Who wouldn’t be motivated to give it 110% every time they dive in and jump out? These six sentences, repeated a million times, predicate a love of sports -- and, for that matter, any performance. A little praise goes a long way.

The Stingrays have had plenty to smile about this year. When you swim fast, you’ve done your best -- and Gold River’s personal-bests are off the chain. On June 1, an intrasquad meet and family BBQ, right in their own backyard, presented greater opportunity for parents, coaches and supporters to sing the six sayings. The results? You guessed it. Fast racing!

One of the Stingrays’ cheerleading families is the Joneses (dad Tom, mom Karen, Lauren and Morgan). You may recognize the name, (Photos by Tom Jones). As the team’s photographer, Tom’s pictures have graced these articles for seven months. Enthusiastic and ebullient, Tom and Karen “practice what they preach,” the Stingrays six sayings and their daughters are improving at a rapid race pace.

The Johnson Ranch Barracudas came calling on June 9. This dual meet was exceptional, in that the personal-best stats were astounding. Let’s face it, stats are snoozers, but hang in there for these. The Barracudas were 270+/- participants strong vs. the Stingrays 124. From Gold River’s small-but-mighty, 108 kicked personal-best times, 78 drowned more than full seconds and 71% churned out bests in every event. Powerhouse performances!

In the June 16 meet, over on the Elk Grove Piranhas’ home turf, they encountered a far deeper team, 350+/- vs. 90 Stingrays. What are you doing to do when the numbers are stacked against you? Have fun, do your best, and love it! And that they did; Stingrays’ cheerfulness and dropped times abounded.

From an overall roster of 250+/-, next up is the Rio Del Oro Rapids. Despite the Stingrays’ small headcount, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And the Six Sayings bolster it all. To round out the month, Gold River is hosting Del Norte’s Dolphins… fewer athletes, less formidable, and more to report on next month.

As for the Team Functions, talk about having fun and loving it! The River Cats and their annual nod to regional swim teams was a blast, as was the club’s invitational to the Dive-In Movie -- not to be confused with the upcoming Drive-In movie. Think water vs. dryland. One more dual meet with Glen Oaks and then straight into Championships at UOP. Time flies when you’re having fun in the sun, swimming faster and faster, and loving every minute of it!