Camaraderie Clear Among Lancers

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG)  |  Story by Daniel Mano; Photos by Rick Sloan
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The Lancers host the Valley Vikings in their next home game on October 2 at 5 p.m.

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) - Smiles on the faces of the Cordova High School varsity girls volleyball team didn’t fade despite difficulty defending West Campus in a Golden Empire League loss September 20.

“Their attitudes tonight were amazing,” Cordova coach Kristen Endean said after the 25-9, 25-13, 25- 7 defeat. “To be able to keep that up even when the match doesn’t go our way is great.”

Late in the third game, Kimberly Yang strode over to Emily Arnez and patted her on the back. The senior clearly wanted to reassure the junior for her extra effort in trying to make a dig, even though she was unsuccessful. On the next West Campus serve, Arnez got the dig.

“In the last three matches alone, our teamwork has gone from almost nonexistent to strong,” Endean said. “Even though we didn’t have the good outcome (tonight), we still were super encouraging of each other.”

The coach praised seniors Angelia Cuevas, Viviana Luque, Ariel Vang and Yang for stepping up as leaders, as well as Analise Garton.

“We’ve really just been focusing on defense (in practice),” Endean said. “I have been serving to them non-stop, as hard as I can, so that they are used to any kind of serve.”

Among the Cordova highlights was a diving dig by Cuevas that set up Luque for a kill to keep things close early. In the second game, Vang followed a smooth serve with a deft one-handed dig.

Bridget Garcia surprised West Campus several times with dinks, or light taps of the ball instead of setting up a hitter for a full swing. Garcia added another kill and several nice sets, including one in the third game that Luque lofted high and between two defenders.

The Lancers’ best run of the night started with a well-timed block by Alyssa Perez that elicited an eruption of cheers from the crowd in the third game. The next point went to Cordova on a towering kill by Garton, which earned a thumbs-up from an assistant coach. An ensuing error by West Campus gave the Lancers a third straight point, and their fans were clearly fired up.

“This is only our second home match and we’ve had the same amount of fans – they didn’t dissipate after our first match,” Endean said. “It’s really exciting to have this many people out supporting us in the new gym.”

The Lancers host the Valley Vikings in their next home game on October 2 at 6 p.m.