All There in Black and White

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Artist Robin Moyher with her mosaic titled Zentangle. Moyher uses her art to raise money for missions. “While I am not called to go into the mission field,” Moyher said on her Facebook page, Mosaics for Missions, “I do feel called to help support those who do go.” 
-- Photo by Jose LopezAnn Greitzer used pen and ink to create these portraits. “Make time for (your art),” Greitzer advises those who want to create. “Draw something every day and look forward to it as a form of meditation, a relaxation.” 
-- Photo by Jose LopezThese drawings done by Heather McCray incorporate a process called Zen-tangle. “You just kind of lose yourself in the pattern and all of the thoughts and worries that you have tend to float away,” McCray said. 
-- Photo by Margaret SniderSix-year-old Shakthi Kondakindi is also featured at the art show with her picture of a panda drawn in oil pastels, hard pastels, and colored pencil. Shakthi said she worked from a copy of a National Geographic cover, and it took her about four days to finish the piece. 
-- Photo by Margaret Snider