Loving Preschool, Parks and Pee Wee Programs

By Cady Nagy-Chow, Cordova Recreation & Park District  |  2019-08-07

James (second from right) and fellow Discovery Kids Preschool students. Photo courtesy of CRPD

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) - The Davis family has been in the residence of the Cordova Recreation & Park District (CRPD) for over eight years, are active members of the community and frequent District parks for leisure time and events. Meet Jamie (mom), Chandler (dad), 4-year-old James, and 2-year-old Ben.

One of the youngest members of the District, James Davis, is a Discovery Kids Preschool student, who loves science, sports and socializing. Jamie keeps James in the program year-round, so he has an opportunity to continue preparing for future schooling and life.

“I was so excited to find out the Discovery Kids program existed. James loves it and I love it, because I feel like the program gives him the opportunity to socialize and trains the skills he needs for kindergarten. That’s why he attended preschool camp, all four weeks this summer. I wanted to keep him in a routine and keep him learning,” Jamie said.

CRPD’s Discovery Kids Preschool program is a child-centered, classroom experience that emphasizes hands-on activities to help children develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Having completed a full year of Discovery Kids, James has already demonstrated immense growth. “James has flourished so much going to Discovery Kids. He’s learned to share, learned compassion for other people, and on the academic level, he’s learned the whole alphabet, and will tell me about the weather… He’s even starting to learn to spell and identify words just by looking at them,” Jamie said.

This upcoming fall, James will enter the new Discovery Kids STEM program at White Rock Community Clubhouse. “Last year, James showed a particular love for any sensory play or hands-on learning. Whether it was painting things or making things with clay, he always came home with something he made that day. But science-based activities, like making goo, were so fun for him, since he loves science stuff. So he’s really excited for the STEM program,” Jamie said.

After preschool, James participates in CRPD’s Pee Wee Sports program at the Mather Sports Complex. “He’s done basketball, t-ball, soccer, track & field, and is about to start flag football. It’s an amazing way to let them explore when they’re young, so they can pick and choose what they like. Plus, we’ve had an incredible experience with the coaches. Specifically, Coach Jim. He is so nice and always remembers kids’ names – he’s almost like family – like uncle Jim!” Jamie said.

Living right off Bradshaw Road, Jamie feels that Riviera East Park is part of their home. “It’s like our second backyard, literally and metaphorically. The kids love to be there. They explore, identify the animals in the park, make friends with other kids – the socialization James has learned at the preschool helps him in these environments. He’s not afraid to talk to other parents or go play with other kids,” Jamie said.

While Riviera East Park’s proximity makes for a convenient, nature getaway, the Davis family considers themselves District park experts, having visited almost all 36 of them, multiple times. “The park and facility directory in the back of the recreation guide is so helpful. I can glance over each park’s amenities and use it to pick where we want to go that day. It’s nice to have the options for whatever we’re in the mood for. We hit up all the splash pads, attend some birthday parties in parks, enjoy the shade structures at the parks out in Anatolia and my two-year-old loves the Hagan Community Barn, which he calls ‘the farm,’” Jamie said.

With their consistent participation in community events, District programs and utilization of parks, the Davis family has found joy in giving back to the District that serves their community. “Whenever we can, we go down to the barn to donate extra produce that we can’t eat in time for animals. It’s a great reason to bring Ben to the barn, but also nice to know we’re helping make this barn experience possible,” Jamie said.

As a parent in the District, Jamie does not solely seek out resources for her children. She has utilized District resources and programs for herself. “I have participated in golf lessons at the Cordova Golf Course and played in adult softball leagues. We utilize the services, because they’re ours to capitalize on. We kinda feel like they belong to us,” Jamie said.

In her children’s future, Jamie sees further participation in the District. James will get to explore his other interests, like joining the Jr. Kings’ basketball league when he's old enough, or expressing his love for dance in hip hop classes at the Hagan Community Center. “Until I had kids, I didn’t even know we had such a strong park district. Now that I have two, I’m so excited to flip through the rec guide CRPD sends out and see how many ways I can get them involved,” Jamie said.

As for little Ben, Jamie plans to place him in both Discovery Kids Preschool and Pee Wee Sports once he turns three. “It’s super affordable, and they’re playing with kids their age, and learning those super basic skills they’ll need later. For that age, that’s more than we could ask for,” Jamie said.

Visit https://crpd.com/programs/earlychildhood/ to learn more about programs for children under 6. Discovery Kids Preschool is still open for registration and begins Tuesday, September 3.


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SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - On August 1, 2019 at approximately 0937 hours, The California Highway Patrol (CHP) received a call of a solo vehicle traffic collision on the transition road from I-5 northbound to I-80 eastbound. CHP Officers and Sacramento Metro Fire Department personnel arrived on scene and discovered a red Ford Mustang had collided with a tree. The driver and solo occupant of the vehicle, a 19-year old man from Vallejo, was pronounced deceased on scene.

The motorist was driving his Mustang on the transition road at what a witness reported was a high rate of speed when, for unknown reasons, he veered to the right, left the roadway, and collided with a tree. The cause of this collision is under investigation.

Any persons who may have witnessed this collision or who can provide any additional information regarding this collision should call Officer Mike Zerfas at the North Sacramento Area CHP office at (916) 348-2300 or cell phone at (916) 798-0975. Follow us on Twitter @chpnsac or like us on Facebook.com/chpnorthsac

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Summer City Hall Art Show Imagines “Reflections”

By Margaret Snider  |  2019-08-07

“I’m just very happy that I got to enjoy this experience,” said Erika Traen at the Artist Reception. She is shown with her photograph titled “Self Portrait.”  Photo by Rick Sloan

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) - The third City Hall Art Show of 2019, running July 29 to October 20, included a Best in Show prize, which has been an added feature of this event since January. “I think next year we might go to a first, second and third place,” said Cheryl Gleason, MACC event coordinator and curator. This quarter’s Best in Show was Karl Edberg with his painting in acrylic, Ethereal Winter. The current show theme is “Reflections,” and this show has more pieces of art in it than any of the preceding summer shows. The show can be seen at City Hall from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday, at 2729 Prospect Park Dr., Rancho Cordova.

Among the artists submitting to this show for the first time are photographers Anastasia Golosna, 24, and Erika Traen, 27.

Originally from the Ukraine, Golosna came to the United States when she was 6 years old. Her father was a professional photographer. “When we moved to America I would always see him with a camera,” Golosna said. “Naturally I would always grab a camera, and I fell in love with it.” Golosna’s first thought when she heard of the theme “Reflections,” was that of a person reflecting in thought. “I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting in the past year, just in my own life,” Golosna said, “reflecting on who I am as a person, who I want to be as an artist, who I am as an artist.” The titles of her photos are Time Waits for No One, Fallen Kings, and Reflections of Autumn.

Traen has been doing photography since she was in middle school. Her three photos in the show are Self Portrait, American River, and Convict Lake. She is passionate about photography and views it as a hobby that she wants to continue to enjoy. “In that case,” she said, “you shouldn’t do it for money or as a means to live because it puts more pressure on you and it becomes not as enjoyable.” She photographs as a means of capturing a moment or a visually attractive setting in order to remember and share it. “I’ve had a lot of people say that they love and they enjoy seeing all my photos,” Traen said, “because I go to all these places that they haven’t been able to go.” One of Traen’s photos, American River, sold during the Artist Reception on July 31.

One of the regulars in the City Hall shows, Ron Hall, works in many different media. He chose photography for two of his three entries in this show. “Photography has been something I’ve looked at over the last few years... Looking at it from the artistic standpoint and the light and just the design... I thought they would go with Reflections.”City by the Bay in black and white shows the Golden Gate Bridge reflected in a mud puddle. Skylines, in color, shows a glass-windowed skyscraper looking from the bottom up to the top of the building where it melds with the sky. “It just really reflects and absorbs the sky into it,” Hall said. “I just thought it was an interesting piece, so I took that photo with a cell phone.” Hall’s third piece is an acrylic diptych of two different ballet dancers.

Gleason herself has a sharp and colorful photograph in this show, taken in the city of Allsund, Norway. Her art has appeared in previous City Hall shows.


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SACRAMENTO, CA (MPG) - The California State Auditor reported an uptick in applications by eligible individuals interested in serving on the next 14-member Citizens Redistricting Commission. To date, more than 13,735 applications have been submitted. The Commission is tasked with redrawing Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly, and State Board of Equalization districts.

“We’ve been closely monitoring applications since the initial application period opened on June 10th, and we have seen a steady stream of applications submitted,” said Elaine M. Howle, California State Auditor. “But over the last several days we received an uptick in applications, including a one-day period in which we received more than 1,000 applications. This leads me to believe many more Californians who are learning more about redistricting and are developing an interest in the opportunity may now want to take advantage of the chance to draw California’s Congressional and State Legislative district lines. That is why I am extending the application period which will now close on Monday, August 19th at 5:00 p.m.”

Applicants must submit an application online at shapecaliforniasfuture.auditor.ca.gov. The application takes just minutes to complete.

“My office has been analyzing the number and flow of applications since we began accepting applications. It is clear to me that for the last week, we have seen a significant increase and with every passing day, we are getting a broader application pool that is more and more representative of California’s diversity. I’m thrilled that so many civically-involved Californians are interested in being part of shaping California’s future and want to keep the process open until August 19th at 5:00 p.m. to make sure that everyone who is interested has the opportunity to apply,” said Howle.

For more information about application data, eligibility requirements, or to apply to be a member of the 2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission, please visit shapecaliforniasfuture.auditor.ca.gov or call (833) 421-7550. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @ShapeCAFuture.

Every ten years, after the federal government publishes updated census information, California must redraw the boundaries of its Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly, and State Board of Equalization districts. In 2008, California voters passed the Voters FIRST Act authorizing the creation of an independent Commission comprised of 14 members. The 2020 Commission will include five Democrats, five Republicans, and four who are either registered without, or “independent” of, any political party (decline-to-state or no party preference) or with another party. The Commission is responsible for drawing the lines of each district. The initial application period for new Commission members began on June 10, 2019, and will now run through August 19, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

For more information on the 2020 Citizens Redistricting Commission application and selection process, please visit ShapeCaliforniasFuture.auditor.ca.gov.

The California State Auditor is a state entity that is independent of the executive branch and legislative control. The purpose of the California State Auditor is to improve California government by assuring the performance, accountability, and transparency that its citizens deserve. For more information on the California State Auditor, please visit www.auditor.ca.gov.


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Lancers’ Cheer Team Looking Forward To The Fall

By James Darnell  |  2019-08-07

Cordova Lancers’ Cheer Team group shot. Photo provided by Folsom Cordova School District

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) - Football players aren't the only ones looking forward to the upcoming Friday night lights.

The Cordova Lancers’ varsity cheerleading squad have been keeping themselves busy throughout the summer in preparation for the fast-approaching school year, and are looking forward to cheering on the Lancers’ football program as well as basketball programs in the coming months. Whether it be practices throughout the summer or participating in the Rancho Cordova 4th of July parade at Hagan Community Park, the girls have been hard at work and will be ready to go just like everyone else the second the football kicks off to open the Lancers’ football season on Friday, August 23.

“They're ready,” Cordova varsity cheerleading coach Angelica Knox said. “They're getting cheers down, they're getting excited. They're getting their uniforms and just can't wait for the season to start.”

This season’s bunch is comprised of 18 girls, including five newcomers to the team. The team will feature two captains in senior Kylie Chang and junior Katie Ritchie.

“They show leadership and work really hard,” Knox said of her two varsity captains. “You can see their dedication to the squad and that they're go-getters. They excite others and get everyone to work together as well.”

For Knox, being the coach of Cordova Cheer is near and dear to her heart, as she is a former Lancers’ cheerleader and a cheer mom. As an alumna of the school, Knox feels it is important to carry on the traditions that the cheerleading team is known for within the halls of the school.

Although the cheer and football seasons won't officially kick off for another couple of weeks, the cheerleading team is encouraging everyone to attend the Lancers’ annual football scrimmage and "Meet The Lancers" event this Saturday at Cordova High School, with practice spanning from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., and the black and red scrimmage starting at 10:00 a.m.

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RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) - Coming off a season that saw her team underperform en route to a 2-15 overall record a year ago, Cordova girls' varsity volleyball head coach Kristen Endean isn't shying away from expecting improvement–and more–this fall.

Endean is entering her second season at the helm of the program, and has her sights set on a much different finish to this season than the last.

“I definitely think there's the possibility of taking it to at least the first round of the playoffs this year,” she stated. “I think that with the league that we're in and the team that we're building, I think we have a strong possibility of making it there.”

The team is currently holding tryouts for new players to join the team this season, but Endean feels good about the girls who will be returning to the court for her program. Senior middle hitter Analise Graton and senior outside hitter Emily Arnez are two players who will be relied upon to contribute in roles of invaluable upperclassmen leadership, albeit in different ways. Arnez is coming off an injury and her playing time figures will be monitored this season, so she will be counted as a captain of the team from primarily the sidelines. Graton has impressed Endean this summer with contributions on and off the court.

“She's really stepped up this summer in terms of her aggression and showing others what it means to be a part of the team," Endean said. "I've been really impressed with her desire to want to play.”

With Endean teaching summer school and members of her team in and out of town throughout the summer, the coach said the team has dedicated one day a week to practices over the last two months, but figures to ramp up the intensity in short order with tryouts underway next week and the school year fast approaching.

The Lady Lancers will open up their preseason non-league schedule on August 27 when they host Sheldon at 6:00 p.m.

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Shots Fired in Senior Assisted Living Home

By Patrick Larenas  |  2019-08-06

Deputy Sheriff and Public Information Officer Tess Deterding at Tuesday’s press meeting. Photo by Patrick Larenas

CARMICHAEL, CA (MPG) - On August 6, at approximately 11:30 a.m., two shots were fired in the Aegis of Carmichael Assisted Living home for seniors. The staff at the facility requested assistance from the Sheriff’s Department. According to a preliminary report by Sargeant Tess Deterding, a man and a woman over the age of 60 were found at the site along with a firearm.

Although they were married, the man was on a visit, while the woman actually lived in the senior facility. “One of them appears to have a self-inflicted wound, while the other did not,” said Deterding. The officer said in Tuesday’s press meeting that the incident may have been due to a dementia condition.

“The Crime Scene Investigation has not actually begun yet,” said Deterding, “but this seems to be the first crime of its kind to have happened in an elderly home.”

The married couple was pronounced deceased on site and there is no outstanding suspect. Their names are not being released to the public until their families are notified first.


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