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Pinnacle Emergency Management Moves to New $2.2M Headquarters in Rancho Cordova

Feb 10, 2021 12:00AM ● By By Heather Atherton, Atherton Public Relations

Commercial property restoration specialists, Pinnacle Emergency Management, move from their leased facility in West Sacramento to a new headquarters in Rancho Cordova. Photo by Terrence Duffy

Pinnacle Emergency Management Moves to New $2.2M Headquarters in Rancho Cordova [2 Images] Click Any Image To Expand

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA (MPG) - Pinnacle Emergency Management has long been instrumental in their clients’ excitement over new and fresh offices or homes following disasters. This time, it is Pinnacle’s team experiencing the excitement of a new facility as they move from their former, leased location in West Sacramento to their newly purchased headquarters at 3437 Fitzgerald Road in Rancho Cordova.

Celebrating 15 years in business, Pinnacle has responded to more than 4,000 property disasters, delivering clients from catastrophe to recovery and success. Pinnacle has seen success along the way as well. As the first choice for disaster management services to numerous commercial property managers, builders and building owners, the company’s growth necessitated a new building. To this endeavor, owner Leo Grover is grateful to all the customers and projects along the way that helped make this purchase happen.

The commercial real estate and financing experts who helped Grover in his search for commercial property were instrumental to helping Pinnacle find the ideal facility for its headquarters. “I’ve always trusted Rick (Phillips) to do the very best for me,” says Grover. Rick Phillips, a real estate agent with TRI Commercial/CORFAC International has been helping Leo Grover search for the right property since 2019.

Phillips connected Grover with Jim Azevedo, senior vice president of business development for TMC Financing once he narrowed his search to the Fitzgerald Road building.  “Jim is a real estate financing expert who helped us navigate the SBA 504 financing process,” added Grover. “He was instrumental in providing us with connections to competitive lenders. Ultimately, the $2.22 million deal was financed and managed by Kellie Stroud at Bank of the West after offering terms that we couldn’t refuse.”

“It’s highly satisfying to be a property owner and to become part of the business community in Rancho Cordova going forward. We’ll continue to be the most effective and reliable solution for emergency property restoration of homes and businesses from our new location,” said Grover.